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Goodbye traditional Wine Cooler! Vivant Wine, the New-Tech Wine Chilling system, is coming!

A few months ago I was contacted by talented "inventors" from Taiwan who asked me to be a beta tester for a new technology related to the world of wine. These young engineers have translated their skills and their passion for wine into a device that could be very useful to those who - like me - are "a service temperature nerd" at home, in a restaurant, or in any other context you can uncork a good bottle.

vivant wine glacette

I'm talking about Vivant Wine, a portable wine cooling and temperature maintenance system that could be released on the international market through a first crowdfunding campaign in 2022.

Please read the following interview to know more about this new-tech wine chilling system:

- What is Vivant Wine?

 Vivant is the next era of high-class living, true to our name, we are the life of wine. We have taken the era-changing step for wine lovers, no longer allowing precious bottles to be ruined or served any way less than perfect because that is not what we believe in. Vivant believes in innovation and lifestyle as every single person has a moment of serenity, ours is "Perfection" of the highest degree and caliber, through the first small step of a hundred different designs to the countless failures and success, Vivant is the mirror towards life itself. At Vivant, we don't offer a luxury, we offer a lifestyle. 

- Why did you create Vivant Wine?

 At VIVANT we saw the problem people faced when they wanted to enjoy a bottle of wine, the hassle of keeping it chilled for a prolonged period of time as well as making sure that it does not damage the label of our rare wines.

- How does it work?

 By using semiconductors and IoT technology, we've mastered wine sustainability on a level and convenience no other company or product has been able to come close to. Our Portable Wine Cooler helps to maintain a temperature of 8~20C degrees to properly maintain the temperature and pristine condition of your wine. By simply placing your wine bottle into our Wine Cooler and setting your desired temperature you are finished and ready to perfectly enjoy your wine like never before. Forget freezing ice buckets and water-damaged labels of collectible wine bottles, welcome to a whole new convenience.

vivant wine

- Who is it for?

 Our VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler is for those who are connoisseurs of the finer things in life, we have created a far more convenient innovation that will forever change the way wine will be served to those who truly live to dream in the elegant fragrance of wine itself. We are directing our lifestyle towards those who face the same problems when serving their wine. We don't offer luxury, we offer a lifestyle. 

- How long does it take to cool a wine bottle?

 Depending on the temperature you set and the temperature of the bottle, we can estimate that, on average, a bottle can be perfectly chilled and maintained perfectly in less than 30 minutes. However, VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler is still recommended to be used with the wines taken from wine coolers or refrigerators.

vino fresco

- Is it wireless? How long do the batteries last?

 Yes, VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler can work wireless and work on removable/rechargeable batteries that will last through a whole dinner event.

vivant wine cooler

- Where Can I buy Vivant Wine?

 Currently, we have not yet gone to the public market. We are working with a very talented group of connoisseurs of the finer things as well as true Sommelier experts around the world to promote and test our product to give us constructive criticism since we are looking to perfect the service of wine. We are, however, estimated to launch a Kickstarter campaign beginning in the 1st quarter of 2022 so our audience and fans can finally get their hands early for our product.  

- How much will it cost?

 We are looking to price our VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler in base of our beta testers feedbacks, all around the world.

vivant wine chilling system

As you know I do not collaborate with wineries and / or producers but I have always been available to give my support to the development of projects related to the world of wine, especially if they contemplate improvements in the tasting experience, in full respect of wine. So I thank Vivant Wine guys who have developed a potentially very useful and transversal tool that, in my opinion, manages to keep the temperature of the bottles in an optimal way according to the need for service, without shocks and without any empirical management, as we do with the classic Glacette or "Seau a Glace".

Turning it on 5 minutes before, and it could be also useful for chilling of bottles with temperatures close to 18/20 ° C in a few minutes, with a "fridge" effect in a very small refrigeration chamber and therefore without dispersion of the cold (and of energy) but also without shock (often "fatal" for perfumes, as demonstrated by bottles cooled in blast chillers). Obviously the cost will be different from that of a "normal" glacette but I believe that the "advantages" will justify the price. From an aesthetic and weight point of view, the photos are misleading, as the object occupies the same space of a wine bucket and has a we very similar weight of the same bucket full of ice and water, without the negative aspects of that, of course. The noise is audible only if alone and in silence, as it is very low and not annoying.

From now to the starting day of the kickstarte campaing I will also have the opportunity to test it while traveling, to understand its management in transport and its usability in contexts different from the usual "home", tasting room or restaurant. It will be my pleasure to keep you updated on my feedback in terms of use and on the launch of the campaign that will involve Vivant Wine. By the way you can find more info about the project on:



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